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Your pharmacy . . . in the comfort of your home.

Online services offer you anytime, personalized, secure and complete access to your pharmacological file as well to your family's files! Thanks to the online prescription renewal request service your Uniprix Group pharmacists offer, you can ask for refills for prescriptions from one or multiple files from any computer, anywhere, 24/7!

Access your file and those of your family from a single interface.

The online prescription renewal request service lets you use the Web to send your pharmacist a request for a prescription refill without leaving the comfort of your home. Your pharmacist prepares your prescription order, which you can then pick up at the counter at the confirmed time. Some pharmacies also offer home delivery. Just ask your pharmacist!

Your account lets you place multiple refill requests for every person in your care. And it is fast and reliable. The prescriptions for the entire family can all be prepared, and then collected or delivered, at the same time!

Your pharmacy, accessible day and night.

You can place your refill request at any moment that's convenient for you, from any computer connected to the Internet. It's like having a pharmacy that's open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your prescription file at your fingertips

Want to know more about the prescription drug you are taking or the dosage prescribed for you? With our online service, you can access your own and your family's pharmacological files anytime, any day. You can also print the drug fact sheet for your medication to learn more about its mode of administration, unwanted side effects and other important details.

Registering for online services

You must register for online srvices from the website. To register now, please click on the Sign up button below.

Registration for and access to the online prescription renewal request service are free. To obtain access to your pharmacological file or that of a person in your care, simply ask your pharmacist and they will hand you a access card with a personal access code. All transactions conducted on the Website are completely confidential and secure.

Due to the recent situation regarding COVID-19, we are changing the process around getting your access code when you open an account. As of now, please call your pharmacist to obtain your access code. Your pharmacist will ask security questions in order to confirm your identity. Once it is confirmed, you will be able to access your account. *Your pharmacist could decide not to divulgate your access code by phone, at his or her discretion. *

Don't forget that only your pharmacist has the necessary information to prepare your prescription medications.

For more information, browse through the sections of this site or ask your pharmacist!Help.

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